Legal Information

Döbling Private Hospital is an attending physician hospital which means that patients have the opportunity to come to us and be treated by their doctor of choice (attending physician), and in collaboration with our professional team, take advantage of our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Physician contract
For all medical procedures that take place during your outpatient treatment or inpatient stay with us, the attending physician is legally responsible and bound by the mutual treatment agreement. The attending physician is also in charge of the staff made available by us and responsible for any additional specialists consulted.

If you are referred to our facility by the doctor of your choice, Döbling Private Hospital presumes that you have entered a treatment agreement – be it written or oral – with said doctor. This also applies in the event that the referring physician has an employment relationship with us.

Your attending physician is therefore liable for medical treatment received, whether it is performed personally by him or the consultants and staff members brought in.

In addition to medical treatment and care by your attending physician, the treatment contract also covers necessary patient education and its documentation, as well as your consent for the proposed treatment and the fee required for the performance of treating physicians, medical consultants and other personnel if not covered by your insurance plan.

Accommodation contract with the private hospital
The hospital is responsible for your accommodation and care. In addition, we are responsible for ensuring the qualifications of our nursing, therapeutic or other staff members as well as for the entire infrastructure including medical equipment.

Admission to our hospital establishes an accommodation agreement between you and Döbling Private Hospital. Contents of this contract are - in addition to accommodation and meals - around-the-clock access to emergency medical assistance along with inpatient care including therapeutic services such as physical therapy.

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