Post-COVID rehabilitation

People who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection frequently experience long-term symptoms (long COVID).

These include:

  • Breathing complaints, coughing
  • Muscle weakness and pain
  • Lethargy, reduced concentration

Restoring fitness after a coronavirus illness

For sufferers of long COVID, we offer a special post-COVID rehabilitation program intended to improve and restore general physical capabilities. But if you are looking to specifically recover your athletic fitness after a coronavirus infection, this program is also for you.

Post-COVID rehabilitation: Overview of services

The post-COVID rehabilitation program is offered on an outpatient basis in the Physical Medicine department of Döbling Private Hospital and includes the following services:

  • 1 medical examination plus
  • 10 units of physiotherapy (including respiratory gymnastics and medical training therapy)

Additional types of physical therapy can be prescribed in the case of musculoskeletal pain (not included in the program).


The physiotherapy units take place 2 – 3 times/week – depending on individual capabilities. Accordingly, the program lasts 3.5 to 5 weeks.

Please note:

A cardiology exam and a pulmonary exam are required prior to undergoing the post-COVID rehabilitation. You can receive both in advance at the Outpatient Center for Internal Medicine of Döbling Outpatient Center.

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