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These days surgery encompasses many sub-disciplines, and complex operations can be performed with a high level of safety and reliability. However, this requires high technical standards and outstanding professional expertise. Döbling Private Hospital provides you with both.

The attending doctor and the hospital’s highly qualified operating team have the most up-to-date operating rooms available to them – including specialized units outfitted for operations with minimally invasive technology. This is medical progress that you will experience in the form of decreased wound pain, smaller scars, and quicker recovery. Furthermore, a specially trained nursing team and intensive care doctors provide optimal care following an operation.

General surgery and abdominal surgery

Our hospital has long specialized in general surgery and, in particular, abdominal surgery. Whether the removal of an appendix, repairing hernias, gall bladder surgery, or tumor surgery — you are in the best hands.

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery

An additional focus is on the field of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgeries and reconstructive surgery in line with international standards and benefitting from long-term medical experience. Each intervention starts with a detailed consultation, in which you have the opportunity to discuss your personal situation and your expectations with an expert.

Venous surgery

The Döbling Private Hospital name is not least synonymous with considerable experience in treating venous insufficiencies. Varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic problem; they can lead to serious ailments, including inflammation, thrombosis, and embolisms. Depending on the level of severity, your ailment will be alleviated conservatively via a combination procedure or with laser or radio wave therapy.

Thyroid surgery

Thyroid disorders are not a localized problem; they can affect the entire organism. Disorders range from goiter, the formation of nodules, overactivity or underactivity, inflammation, to Graves’ disease. We care for you throughout the process, from the quick, comprehensive examination and diagnostic evaluation to treatment and surgical measures.

Outpatient Surgical Center

The Outpatient Surgical Center connects inpatient and specialist surgery in Döbling Private Hospital. Your contact point for all information related to questions about surgery, follow-up exams, and minor surgical interventions.

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