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Due to recent research and new medications, the chances of recovering from cancer have been continually improving in recent years. There is an ever-increasing number of options available when it comes to successfully treating tumors, reducing side effects and improving the quality of life of our patients. Furthermore, Döbling Private Hospital has developed special precautionary care modules that offer you the possibility of comprehensive prevention and early diagnosis.

An interdisciplinary team of experts designs optimal individualized treatment for tumors of all types – whether lung, intestine, breast, or urologic – and for lymphomas and in hematolo-oncology. After receiving such a life-changing diagnosis, patients in our hospital can count on receiving holistic support that is dedicated equally to a patient’s physical and emotional needs.

Döbling Private Hospital, partly through collaboration with external specialists, provides you with all of the relevant services from diagnosis to treatment, all under one roof: Quick and, most importantly, reliable results provided by modern imaging processes, such as ultrasound, MRI, CAT scanning, and PET, conservative and functional interventions of the highest quality, including radiation or chemotherapy. You will be treated by an interdisciplinary team with a comprehensive therapy plan personalized to your individual situation and which includes psychological support, if desired.

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