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Mobility and Supporting Apparatus

We are now better able to correct ailments of the mobility apparatus, such as those of the spine or hips than ever before. Standardized operations and personalized follow-up care demonstrably improve successful recovery. This is also evident in the longstanding experience of experts in surgical orthopedics and trauma surgery at Döbling Private Hospital.

What we offer for ailments of the mobility and supporting apparatus

  • Diagnosis and treatment of ailments of the entire mobility apparatus, sports injuries, and stress-related disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of problems with the knees, shoulders, or hip joints or back resulting from injury, wear, or inflammation
  • Artificial knee and hip replacements
  • Arthroscopy, treatment of cruciate ligament or meniscus injuries, knee pain due to malalignment
  • Center for Minimally-Invasive Hip Surgery
  • Treatment of prolapsed disks
  • Physiotherapeutic consultations and treatment
  • Osteitis Center: Bone infections
  • Center for Cartilage Regeneration & Orthobiology

Center for Minimally-Invasive Hip Surgery

As a patient with hip-related complaints, you will benefit from a concentration of expertise that is unparalleled in Austria: You will have access to a range of specialists who will offer optimal care at the Center for Minimally-Invasive Hip Surgery – from pain therapy to reconstruction, all under one roof. These days, hip operations can often be conducted arthroscopically, much to the benefit of patients.

Center of Expertise for Sports Injuries

As a first and expert point of contact, the Center of Expertise provides comprehensive medical care for sports injuries of all types. The goal is to restore full and proper functioning after a sports injury and to prevent long-term and delayed consequences thanks to timely intervention.

Cartilage Regeneration and Orthobiology

Modern biomedical technologies are deployed to hasten or improve the healing of damaged tissues. Focus is particularly placed on regeneration of cartilage, improving bone healing, and hastening the healing of muscle and ligament injuries.

Osteitis Center

Inflammatory bone or bone marrow infections (osteitis, osteomyelitis) are among the most difficult problems to treat, and without appropriate therapeutic care, they can develop into serious chronic ailments. In our center, all types of infections of the skeletal system are treated based on the latest scientific knowledge and most up-to-date facilities.

Learn more about our Osteitis Center:

Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical therapists are on hand at Döbling Private Hospital to provide therapeutic care personalized to your specific situation to help ease your way back into everyday life.

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