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Gynecology and Obstetrics

The wish for a child, pregnancy, obstetrics and symptomatic menopause – these are some of the different issues and highly personal questions that can arise in different stages of life. Our experts in women’s health and obstetrics provide you with the very best advice, treatment and care in gynecology and obstetrics. As a patient, you can trust that each and every case will be treated according to the highest quality standards, with modern technology and the sensitivity that our expert doctors and entire teams bring to their work.

The wish for a child – a sensitive topic

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Pregnancy and Birth – an exceptional phase of life

The obstetrics department of Döbling Private Hospital has long been known as a prestigious address for expecting mothers who want to experience this important moment in an exclusive environment, with comfort, security, and the most modern medical care. The obstetrics department is the first in Austria to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

You and your child have our full attention and care – during pregnancy and in the pleasant atmosphere during and after delivery. You decide yourself whether a doctor and midwife you trust or a hospital specialist will accompany your delivery.

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Women’s Health – Preventive Medicine and Treatment

As a center of expertise in women’s health, Döbling Private Hospital provides you with a diverse array of services. With the most up-to-date diagnostic procedures, it is possible to recognize changes in health early on, and to introduce the appropriate treatment at the right time. In cases where intervention is unavoidable, you will find ideal conditions and specialists in a great variety of medical disciplines all housed under one roof.

We offer:

  • Preventive medicine: Women-focused preventive programs, such as cancer prevention, mammography, and bone density monitoring
  • Diagnosis and treatment of general women’s health-related conditions
  • Osteoporosis prophylaxis and treatment
  • Treatment of hormone disorder and menopause-related problems
  • Women-focused evaluation and treatment, particularly related to cardio-vascular ailments, gastroenterological disorders, and thyroid problems
  • Diagnosis and treatment related to breast health
  • Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the endocervix, cervix, vagina, and external reproductive organs

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