Center for Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Döbling Private Hospital’s Center for Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery offers the full spectrum of diagnostic services and treatment for hip-related issues. Patients include athletes with incarceration, cartilage damage or tears as well as people suffering from hip inflammation and wear (arthritis).

Our services include:

  • (Sport-)specific medical history
  • Special clinical hip examinations
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Döbling Outpatient Center, located in the same building as Döbling Private Hospital, carries out ultrasound, X-ray and MRI arthrography, guided puncture and infiltration of the hip as well as laboratory analysis.
  • All conservative treatments by specialized physical therapists, physical medicine and pain management (local, oral, infiltration).
  • Cartilage treatment (reconstruction, repair, transplantation)
  • Minimally invasive operations on the hip joint, from arthroscopy to artificial joints.

Ours is the only hip arthroscopy center in Austria. The director of the center, attending physician Dr. Christoph Gebhart, is an absolute expert in his field who performs 100 arthroscopic hip operations per year. Dr. Gebhart is the founder and president of the Austrian Society for Hip Arthroscopy (


Prim. Dr. Christoph Gebhart


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