Gastrointestinal health, gall bladder

In Austria, intestinal cancer is the third most common type of cancer among both men and women and the second most common cause of death due to malignant disease. A regular precautionary colonoscopy is therefore absolutely indicated for everyone 50 and older, and earlier screenings are recommended for people with a family history of intestinal cancer.

In general, examinations such as colonoscopies and gastroscopies (stomach endoscopy) number among the key competences of the Outpatient Endoscopy Center of Döbling Outpatient Center. This department also plays an especially important role in the investigation and treatment of the common condition of acid reflux (heartburn) as well as the treatment of hemorrhoids. In addition, Döbling Private Hospital offers a wide spectrum of stomach surgeries (visceral surgery, abdominal surgery), with a focus on surgery of the intestines and hernias.

Our most frequently provided services

  • Precautionary colonoscopy (intestinal endoscopy)
  • Gastroscopy
  • Proctoscopy (rectal endoscopy)
  • Endoscopic examination of the bile ducts (ERCP)
  • Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal)
  • Hernias: Investigation and operation
  • Abdominal surgery (appendectomy, tumor removal, …)
  • Hemorrhoids operations
  • Diverticulitis treatment (diverticula inflammation)
  • Acid reflux surgery (heartburn)


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OA Dr. Maic Deckstein talks about (abdominal) surgery

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