No sense shapes human life quite so much as clear vision. But this most important sensory organ is under greater strain today than ever before due, in part, to the modern lifestyle of ubiquitous digital displays. With its focus on diseases of the eyes, Döbling Private Hospital is ideally equipped to deal with current and future challenges in this area.

In cooperation with a large number of attending physicians specialized in ophthalmology, the hospital can cover a wide spectrum of surgical procedures – ranging from routine day patient procedures to complex eye operations.

Our most frequently provided services

  • Cataract operations
  • Correction of severe visual impairments (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism)
  • Glaucoma operations
  • Corneal transplants
  • Retinal procedures
  • Eye muscle operations (squinting, crossed eyes)
  • Eyelid plastic surgery (receding eyelids, lacrimal sacs)

Please contact our attending physicians for an initial consultation!

All medical specialists for Ophthalmology and optometry

If you already know that you need a cataract operation, you can also contact the hospital directly at +43 1 360 66-7773 or behandlung@pkd.at.

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