Anesthesia and intensive care

Anesthesia and intensive care are a fundamental part of our hospital services. Our medical specialists use modern anesthetic procedures and methods for postoperative pain therapy and work with specially trained nursing staff to care for our patients during and after surgery.

Detailed, explanatory discussion with our medical specialists before any surgical procedure reduces anxiety, and provides insights into individual sensitivities and preferences for anesthesia.

Our anesthetists are also available on call within the hospital for emergency medical care.

Recovery room

In our recovery room at Döbling Private Hospital, patients who have had surgery under general anesthetic are cared for round-the-clock by specialist intensive care physicians and nurses for as long as necessary, until they are medically stable and pain-free and can be transferred to a normal ward.

The recovery room has 11 advanced beds equipped with monitoring functions for measuring the most important vital functions, such as ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature. The vital functions are not only measured directly on the bed, the data is also transmitted to the central monitoring station. This allows all patients to be monitored simultaneously with a glance at the computer screen. It is also possible to provide regional anesthesia at one of eight positions.

If the situation calls for it, four IMCU beds (Intermediate Care Unit) and two respirators are available for optimal intensive care medicine. These are special monitoring units that allow for seamless monitoring of all vital signs while guaranteeing the necessary treatment (e.g. artificial respiration).

Relatives are free to visit patients in the recovery room at any time although the length of visiting time will depend on the condition and needs of the individual patient. The attending doctor will decide when a patient is ready to be transferred to the ward.

Intensive care: For your safety in case of need!

Following an operation, or if a patient’s condition suddenly worsens, he or she may require close monitoring using special equipment and specialist care from intensive care nurses and anesthetists. The fact that these facilities and staff are available within this hospital is an important and distinctive safety factor for our patients.

Döbling Private Hospital has an officially approved intensive care unit (ICU level 1) and an intensive monitoring unit (IMCU) which are available 24/7. This means that there is a specialist anesthetist and an intensive care nurse in the hospital 24 hours a day to ensure you are safely cared for.

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