Our guiding principle

  • Our goal is to make our patients feel comfortable immediately upon entering our facility and recover as soon as possible in a pleasant atmosphere. The recovery of our patients is significantly supported by excellent medical treatment, professional help and individual, human, and respectful care.

  • Other pillars are state-of-the-art equipment, selective harmonious color combinations, the attention to detail and naturally a modern medical infrastructure at the highest level.

  • Patients can be treated by the doctor of their choice at our hospital. We cooperate with attending physicians, performing state-of-the-art treatments and offer them the best possible foundation as well as maximum support. We want the attending physicians to be happy with our hospital and transfer that feeling to their patients.

  • Economic success is a prerequisite for the continued development of our facility and is achieved through the economically responsible use of all resources.

  • Our collegial management allows for flexible organization, in close cooperation with our employees. Tasks are completed professionally and sensitively through rapid decision-making. We provide our employees with an open work environment, giving them room to grow, while supporting them in their work and helping them solve any problems. This creates a protective umbrella for everybody,  creating an atmosphere of respect in which motivation increases with the size of the task.
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